When straddling new horizons where knowledge is lacking, omnipotent oracles are sought out to gain a professional assessment of the subject in question. These areas of expertise vary tremendously as our blue sphere rotates into a cloud of fate just ahead of us and requires some pundit to explain to the layman just what is occurring. Recent events that need clarity are: viruses and their transmissions, deities, political parties and their agendas, and environmental concerns. With these and other dilemmas of the day, the media seeks the guru with the crystal ball who can guide our society thru these swampy terrains. The selections are amazing. The first ones up on the podium are the movie stars. With an Oscar nomination for their portrayal of a retard in a dysfunctional family film, this “expert” will rant about mask effectiveness of the current pandemic. Next up is the superstar center for a major league basketball team that harbors a unique knowledge of the correct god to kneel before. Right behind him is the airline pilot who thwarted a terrorist plot by banking the airplane and disarming the bad guy by knocking him into a beverage cart. He is here to give you his recommendation for the Republican Presidential nomination. Finally, behind the curtain is the lead singer of a world-famous rock band. This pill popper and guest speaker is there to give you insights as to how you’ll be standing in 4 feet of water if you cook your burger with charcoal, due to global warming. In reality, the best people to ascertain the future would be dead people. Senators involved in love triangles that resulted in their murder by an irate husband. Sports figures that fell out of the sky in defective aircraft because the pilots couldn’t see thru the vaping haze. Shakespearean actors that drowned in alcohol on the living room rug. These are the speakers that need to be dredged up and quoted because their sources are at a much higher plateau than some overpaid schmuck. 

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