The year is 2115CE, and the location is country 5M, North America. The world population is 1.5 billion Breedens and another 7 million of miscellaneous Homo Sapiens scattered throughout the world in remote locations. The Breedens are a mix of all the races of the previous century that have been genetically modified to resist the viral strain A-12 that was unleashed in 2025CE that took out 80% of the world’s population in a mere 5 years’ time. It was an engineered virus that was food borne and appeared out of nowhere from rural Iran. Speculation was that it was a weapon’s system dumped on the Persians by Arab virologists trained in American medical research facilities. The onslaught of airborne viruses in the early 21st century required matching cell receptors and virus tentacles to gain entry into a healthy cell in order to use its mechanisms to replicate. Some genius figured out how to install an acidic entry system for a virus to chemically eat their way into a cell and bypass receptor entry locks. They used packaged food as the delivery system and the infection and mortality rates were incredible. In the beginning, because the mechanisms were not fully understood, the culprits of these infections were errantly blamed on waitresses. As death rates soared and the Typhoid Mary syndrome filtered through ignorant journalism, the trade was targeted by hyper Chicken Little zealots who immediately put them to death. Waitressing was a death sentence and the only hope of stopping this scourge was to reinvent the human. Combining all races of humans to attain maximum resistance, the Breedens were created as they feed from energy drinks directly. No digestive tracts were required to sustain life. The dying stopped but it was too late for the waitresses. The crazed masses killed them all and they are but a memory to the few human beings alive today. Memorial statues exist in their towns and pay homage to these falsely accused maidens of culinary delivery. 

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