The virus-ridden population has had enough of the quarantined quandary. They are maneuvering their loan-purchased cars to the hold-up windows of predatory banks and requesting a new loan for an RV, just to get the hell out of the house. As the smiling bandits draw up the papers for another 1-ton millstone around their customer’s necks, a quick signature and the rest is financial death. In the RV world, many options are available. ATV’s, boats, and ultralights will propel your derriere through land, sea, and the air. Campers and trailers will supply you with creature comforts on your quest to see the great outdoors without too much risk of dying of venom overdoses, or bleeding out in a swampland full of mosquitoes, flies, and bats. These man-made wonders are a learning curve and what you learn is that it costs a fortune to purchase, own, and maintain these RV items. NO PROBLEM: just take out a loan. As with any human endeavor, short of going to work, 1 must jump up on a case of beer and seek out those who have similar interests. Farcebook, Twatter, and a host of other social media outlets are available to find other brain diseased desperados that share a camaraderie of driving around aimlessly, looking for cool shit. SUCCESS! With the internet, you can now meet up with a bunch of other debt rich retards and explore the interesting backwaters of the world together in your pimped out UTV’s. With a new, fun, nerd-generated game called DUMB-FOUND-IT, you meet with people of like interests in your RV’s. At specified locations, you get to talk about YOUR conquests. In order to make it really interesting, jokesters will send a gang of UTV’ers over to your house with a fake description of some ancient alien landing site. Enjoy the shit out of your new UTV’er friends that showed up at your front door to explore. They too will get a kick out of the dumb docent who knows nothing of the historic landing site of those mysterious CRETIN people who arrived millenniums ago. 

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