When carrying on extracurricular activities, such as “borrowing” plastic farm animals, certain rules apply. Daytime operations are a tad bit riskier as the number of witnesses raises exponentially with the time of day. Very early morning is usually reserved for people going to work so they are too busy trying to get there without paying too much attention to fake farm animals being transported down the highways. The drawback is: they are freshly rested and way more observant than their end-of-the-day, tired counterparts. Late morning and afternoon crowds have vastly superior numbers and exposes one to more tattletales. The 11PM to 7 AM is the 3rd shift crowd and is home to the young and hungry police force that is out to make a name for themselves. This is NOT a good time to procure out of the ordinary shit. So that only leaves the 6PM to 10PM window that is sunlight variable. In northern climates, these are daylight hours in summer. In winter, they are dark, and the cold weather can leave telltale footprints in the snow. So late fall and early spring are the ideal times to go “shopping” for stupid shit. As Cisco and Poncho returned to the city in the evening darkness, the only ones who saw a plastic cow in the back of a pickup truck were people who just wanted to get home after their strenuous workout at the gym to tone their young, pretty bodies. Oil based cows were not on their radars. The first ones on the list to drop off these “gifts” were the: Transitionals. These were the party animals who fell victim to the female’s biological clocks. This influenced the penis that contained the master’s brain. Either freshly married, or about to walk the aisles, these former drinking buddies were cohabitating with their loved ones because sex was occurring ALL the time. The future, work, and kids would soon rearrange that fairy tale. Poncho knew of such a guy that lived in close proximity to their return trip. The innocent victims were now selected.

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