The tapestry that allows 1 to view from the inside out or the outside in is called window treatments. With glass separating 2 worlds, one of privacy and the other communal, an invention was needed to stop visual information from spilling between the 2. So, the early caveman hung an animal hide over his shelter’s access to keep his presence hidden from outside predators. This also prevented him from seeing an upcoming threat, but the skinned hide was also a warning to potential intruders that must weigh the odds of penetrating that curtain. In today’s Western culture, a huge industry focuses on supplying the masses with ornate products to hang on either side of a window. During times of daylight, the curtains are pulled back to allow sunlight to illuminate the residence, and to show off to the outsiders, your creativity and financial status. Leaving Joe Blow a visual peek at your Hummel collections is a reinforcement to your ego. It was your time, effort, and funds that created this little personal museum and without sharing that feat amongst your own kind is a tapestry [sic] of injustice. However, Joe Blow may have a chemical dependency problem and may want to relieve you of your treasured possessions just for his own pleasured connections. Closing the shades after revealing the booty is an exercise in limiting the thief competition but you already told the sticky finger gang what you have. Here’s where the old caveman solution comes into play. Using human skin as curtain material will definitely put the perpetrators in a balking mode as the gang wonders where you attained the window dressing. Also effective would be stringing human skulls on ropes hanging over the windows and doors as this too would raise awareness in the burglar’s thought process. A sure-fire way to deter such entrepreneurs from entering would be to hang live, screaming people from fishhooks pushed through their eyes to discourage unwanted guests. These are commonly known as “blinds.” 

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