Boeing’s orders for planes are exceeding McDonald’s orders for fries. Everyone now wants to fly. The atmosphere is thick with commercial flights full of staged fights that have charisma and colorful characters on board. Beginner wrestlers of both sexes start out on short commuter flights as they hone their skills on brief hops. Cross country trips will attract the newest up-and-comers that are forming a name for themselves, and the full-blown superstars are reserved for the long hauls, where they will act out their aggressions a dozen times. Crowds become involved and cheer on the choreographed action that sometimes has 1 wrestler trying to open the exit door and throw his opponent out. People select their heroes, and flight attendants keep busy selling autographed T-shirts supporting their favorite wrestlers. The antics are constantly being upgraded, and instances have occurred when an opponent midget wrestler is stuffed into an overhead luggage bin by his foe. Fake laptops are taken from staged passengers by the wrestlers and smash them over their heads. No one can figure out what is fake and what is real. On a LA to Sydney flight, holograms appeared on the wings in flight so as to convince the audience that the 2 wrestlers are really out there. After the hero throws the bad guy off the wing, a fake exit door opens into the plane, and the Superhero is given a standing ovation. Hijacking is a thing of the past as the success rate of accomplishing this is zero. Flying is now something that is looked forward to and any command given to a passenger is immediately obeyed for fear of not being involved in the show. As for Mike Smotz, he continues to promote the very successful: Airline Smackdown Company. When he’s not flying around to oversee and promote his professional wrestling teams, he can be found on the ground in his $12 million, electric, luxury Limousine. He is usually being driven around the town by his personal chauffeur: Elon Muskie. 

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