As the rivers of bountiful food are shipped into the capitalistic societies, the response is universal: they want more. They also want it cheaper, so, in order to please the masses, corners must be cut. The corporations can oblige by cutting worker’s wages, trashing the environment, and setting up potential health risks on their ever-obese consumers. In the US meat industry, there are currently 94 million cows, 75 million pigs (the 4-legged kind) and 504 million chickens. This puts humans (332 million in the United States) as a minority (less than half) behind their favorite meals. Just think if the animals revolted. Better yet, don’t. This industry is controlled by 4 major producers (2 American and 2 Brazilian companies which control around 3/4’s of the US market thru constant acquisitions since the early 90’s. Their main base of operations are not their corporate headquarters in different cities but, rather, Alexandria, Virginia, the home of the well-entrenched lobbyists. They Play-doh (mold) America’s law makers to change the existing regulations that protect jobs and citizen’s health with pay-dough. The list of former meat corporation CEO’s that are now major law makers is long. It works backwards too, in that those that did good for the industry when they yielded government power can now retire comfortably as meat CEOs. No conflict of interest there. As cheap labor immigrants (who have few options) are brought into the unhealthy slaughterhouses, the animals face the same type of disrespectful abuse. The only difference is life expectancy. The idle barges, that were left over from east coast coal transportation industry, that’s been banned due to its environmental issues, would make excellent building movers. Merely slide the luxury high rises, with the lobbyists aboard in Alexandria, onto the barges and float them down the Potomac River out to the Atlantic Ocean. The permit stipulates that all the buildings can only be moved during the hurricane season. 

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