Embedded in all alphabets are symbols that translate into sounds that form words and, hence, thought transmissions between humans. As long as 1 understands the rules, sounds, and interpretations, 1 can effectively understand what the speaker is trying to educate the listener about. The Internet has advanced the number of conversations exponentially as this electronic thought dispersal has connected billions of people, who decades ago, would have never crossed paths or ideas. Nowadays, whenever a concept design is formulated on the 5th dimension, known as cyberspace, someone takes it upon themselves to formulate an exact opposite idea to the original thought composed by the 1st author. These conflicting views are now presented as truths by both authors and an ensuing argument will fill up the Conversation Coliseum. Like gladiators, the opposing views will fight to the verbal death using phonics, emotion, and logic to destroy the enemy’s viewpoint. A current challenge in the Olympics of Arguments, is the interpretations of the existing viral spread throughout the planet. Reading articles on the World Why’d(?) Web, 1 can read whatever view is expressed, and then a complete opposite story will surface rapidly that will push the unknown truth over a cliff, never to be seen again. After being exposed to this game of erecting contradicting information to the viewers, you come to the conclusion that everything on the INTERNITWIT is a deception and, hence, the absolute truth is a fucking lie. This repeating loop of lies destroys the concept of language as a tool to propagate knowledge and leaves the whole notion of conversations and idea transmissions in shambles. In the future, lies need to be corralled and the past performance of the Inquisition, Ethnic Cleansing, and Empire Domination shall resurface again. The future of Absolute Truth shall be built into the weapons of the victors as they set their Phrasers not to: Stun, but rather to: Full Blown Lie Annihilation. Boom@!! 

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