Man has invented a structure that was designed out of compassion for his best friend: a dog. This small shelter with an opening for entry is constructed out of a myriad of materials and shows off the talents of the builder and his skill set. If he is a mason, the Dog House will be constructed of brick, stone, or a combination of the 2. If he has carpentry skills, the structure will be a collage of wood products. If the architect and constructor lived after 1958, the Dog House may be built out of Legos, but the dog must be old enough to have stopped chewing on plastics, or he will eat himself out of house and home. After the canine companion moves in, they may, from time to time, have to share their abode with their builder because of the institution of matrimony. This magnificent document of deliberate demise was written by an individual who understood the concept of space. When a female has had enough of her mate hanging around her, she goes on a hormonal induced warpath and creates an atmospheric tension that will rip apart a man’s brain (the upper one). He is now delegated to spend a few days in the Dog House as punishment for being late 23 minutes. His mistake. A 3rd definition revolves around cultures that consume dog meat as part of their diet. The Chinese, among other countries, falls into this category as an estimated 25 million dogs are consumed per year. With Chinese takeout a popular option for American fast food, the meat contained could be chicken, beef, or Poodle. With a minimum of 50 numbered meal choices, 1 never knows what meat is inside that container: Boxer, Collie, Dachshund, Pug, spicey Chihuahua, or everyone’s favorite, Chow Chow. They are served with rice or Chow (?) Mein Noodles that are usually dropped off by a grinning Asian delivery person who seems to be in a hurry. The white or brown cardboard containers with the gable roofs on top that house these delicious meals have a new name in Western cultures. They are called DOG HOUSES.

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