The 2,000 or so Astrophysicists that reside in North America are a unique lot. Their average salary pays around $62/hour, and the 19,000 jobs available give them carte blanche in job selection. A portion of these jobs are for professors to increase the rank and file for the next generation. With nearly 1900 universities in the US alone, there is a shortage of qualified teachers in this field and a candidate can write their own ticket, including preferential parking and free lunches at the cafeteria. Another demand is for research and development at specialty companies who apply for government grants. They want to know if creatures living on Venus would have a higher risk of having dandruff or eczema. Also in the demand clan are data scientists employed by Washington DC Think Tank institutions. They can predict the feasibility of obtaining a new super weapon that will alleviate the threat of an obscure 3rd world country from invading our soil. You can never be sure. Knowledge is power and an Astrophysicist’s knowledge is a superpower because the universe is asymmetrical. That is: due to a flaw in nature, there are more matter particles than antimatter particles in the universe. Hence, here we are. With colliders and supercolliders, we can now manufacture antimatter particles and store them in magnetic containers for use in a matter/antimatter weapon that the scientists are now working on. The layman only needs to understand that if you bring the 2 entities together, they annihilate each other with energy and light being released. This is similar to a nuclear weapon only without the DNA damaging radionuclides being emitted. This would create a clean bomb so that the military could quickly go into a disputed territory without the risk of getting cancer, just like the days of Alexander the Great. Astrophysicists: you need to step up to the plate and earn your 120K. If only those 3rd world countries with natural resources would leave U.S. alone. 

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