There they are: across the room, in the supermarket, or walking their dog. For unknown reasons, they hit a nerve within your lifelong seed pod, and you need to establish some sort of connection with this person so that it will blossom into a new, delicious fruit. This is love. Subtle, serene, yet subdued. That fresh individual over there is slowly pulling the final curtain over the mate you have chosen for life decades ago. You’ve mated a million times since your first encounter with your spouse back when there was spring in your gait, a full set of teeth and natural hair. Your trust erupted into 3 offspring who carry the facial traits of 2 parents, yet they developed their own unique behaviors. They are their own people, for good or for bad, and they have left home years ago to seek their own goals. In their wake are 2 slowly dying husks that are still attached by commitment and vows, but the strings are straining. With both creatures aware of their limited time, the internal drivers are still at work looking for a new love that does not know all the evil behaviors buried within. It is these chauffeurs of sin that can cause an ugly divorce, leaving one of the spouses agonizing, or dead, in an emotional ditch. The real culprit here is not the wandering louse of a spouse, but rather organic chemistry. In the human body is a collection of roughly 30 trillion cells working in harmony to propel and protect their investment. Every day around 300 billion cells are replaced, and the old ones jettisoned. At the ends of the chromosomes, that are responsible for replication, are telomeres that get shorter with each replication. As they shorten, the replicant cells aren’t as virile, and old age sets in. As the telomeres unravel, desirability dwindles, and devotion dies. Around 100 days, all 30 trillion cells are replaced and basically there is another you. So, in reality, you died a long time ago and your spouse stayed as long as they could with your boring, aging clone. 

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