All rested up and educated in natural insect repellents, Charlie left the resort grounds and engaged his male need to explore his surroundings. Walking past the stilt supported bedroom cabins erected over the lagoon waters with piers to access them, he was looking at their construction techniques. Basic human processes dictated that modern plumbing would be required. An examination under the wooden bridges leading to the huts, Mr. Cox spotted the all-important, soil pipe that disappeared into the beach sand at the shoreline. This was the defining moment in human civility, when man separated his bodily wastes from his bedrooms. After this, mankind was free to invent weapons of mass destruction and Farcebook societies. Charlie moved around the island’s inner perimeter for miles and followed the road that was now in a rural area. With no human housing visible, he spotted an abandoned pier ahead. Standing on that structure, he noticed an elevated rail system climbing the steep terrain and disappearing up that volcanic cone. Saturated in tropical plant growth, Charlie began his ascent up into the unknown. After an hour he was now about 800′ above the lagoon and the double concrete rails ended abruptly. At the benched-out area, Chuck was afforded a spectacular view of the lagoon below him. It was framed by the outer coral islands, the 2300′ twin peaks of nearly straight up volcanic swords piercing the baby blue sky and a construction project that went bankrupt. There was an abandoned concrete mixer, assorted construction materials and a flipped wheelbarrow full of hardened concrete. Someone left in a hurry. Scavenging the area, Chuck found a 2’x2′ piece of plywood and fastened 2 wooden cleats on the underside, just wider than the concrete beams that descended down the terrain. He climbed aboard and launched himself. Using his feet as brakes, he was down in record time. A young, local boy witnessed the stranger’s invention and Chuck knew he started a new fad.

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