Decades of dog years ago, a puppy was ejected from mom’s birth canal, and he came unto the world in the usual way. He slid into the light, and her sandpaper-like tongue removed the embryonic fluids and stimulated his diaphragm, until he breathed his very first gulp of earth’s vapors. Unknown to him then, his name would be Hank. Hank had a little luck in that he was #3 of 5, but when the morning ended, he was #3 of 4. His younger brother after him never breathed a breath and laid lifeless. Mom could not get him started, so she used her nose to eject him to the side. This is nature in its raw form: cruel as hell. Hank and the gang suckled and gained mobility for the next 8 weeks, and everything was absolutely amazing. Hank was used to the 2 strange creatures that walked upright on back legs, had hairy heads, bald bodies, and were covered with fuzzy garments. These unusual creatures barked and whined strange noises, but they were of no threat. Then, Hank and his brood saw new bipeds on the scene. They were all picked up, brought within inches of their stubby noses, flipped over, and then set back in the pen. One day a nice smelling creature bellowed out a long “ahhww” and it was curtains for Hank. He never saw his family again. But hey, it was great. The bipeds fed him solid food, tapped his behind if he soiled their flooring, and pretty much looked after him as he grew older. As the younger bipeds grew, they reminded Hank of his sad day leaving the litter and, just like him, they were gone. All that remained of that group were the 2 old ones that moved slower than before. Hank, too, traveled less and his gait suffered. He jumped no more, but the nice, long-haired biped took special care of old Hank. Through failing eyes, Hank saw great compassion in this 1 and looked into her soul. Hank was extremely grateful that the 1 who lifted him into her heart was there to make sure he was going to breathe earth’s vapors as long as this magnificent angel was breathing hers. Loyalty!

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