Everyone who has ever walked the arched surface of the earth has at least 1, if not 1 million, stories to tell of their endeavors. In a lifetime of encounters with hundreds of suitors, friends, business ventures, and chance encounters of the weird kind, stories are formulated every day. Occasionally, interesting scenarios would unfold, and these became the embedded memories we recall to this day. Driven by youth and a burning conquest to be somebody of notoriety, all humans eventually become clowns in the circ(us) of life. A 3-ringed fiasco with entertainers juggling, riding around in cool vehicles, and acrobats riding on the backs of animals, these characters stick to the gooey neurons of memory. The standard day-to-day minutiae of everyday living are kept in the memory cells for maybe a month and is then jettisoned like yesterday’s lunch. Too much information (TMI) disgusts people. Everyone’s favorite “Old Stories” are kept around for life, unless booted out by time or a decaying brain chemistry, which robs a person of their past. This sad situation (Alzheimer’s Dementia) is the scourge of intelligence and leaves a husk of a human waiting for death. Luckily, this is infrequent and takes place in later life, unless that individual is 1 of those who dedicated his remaining 5 decades reliving his 1st 3 decades. These people show up at parties and family gatherings to retell the same old embellished tale of Uncle Joe vs. the Biker Santas. Loaded with bullshit and garnished with plagiarism, these stories permeate the air and enter the groaning ear canals of individuals who have heard this crap many times before. Most leave the building halfway through. What is left in the room are 2 groups of people. One is a patient crowd, who’ve heard this many times before but elect to hear it again out of respect and compassion. The other is a group of youth that listens with the utmost attention. These audiences keep the story tellers alive in their own minds, forever.

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