The morning October sun made its way into the houseboat interior, illuminating Dopey’s lair and drying out his parched throat. Liquid beer dehydrates worse than a sandstorm. Dopey headed for the head and pissed out a quart of the only liquid left in him. He then made his way to the galley to forage for any type of liquid or food available. Skittles and a can of soda, no doubt left by a dentist, rounded out breakfast. Dopey surveyed his surroundings as he peered out in all 4 directions from his $100K houseboat. Being Saturday morning and in a rush to winterize an armada of boats, crews were working, and care must be taken to get out of there undetected. Watching the marina workers habits, Dopey saw an opening. On the way out of the craft, he grabbed the Captain’s hat by the wheel and headed off the boat. If seen, he would appear to be a young owner checking on his vessel. As he headed for the open gate, his calculations were correct. As in real life, no one paid him any mind, and down the street he went. Hung over, Dopey had no more use for that headdress that denoted authority and ditched the hat in a garbage can. He now searched for a restaurant to get some real calories into that beer hole at the end of his esophagus. With a few-mile hike amongst the revelers, Dopey found a greasy spoon, and all was good. Sitting on a bus stop bench, on a main drag around noon, Dopey thought about the chances that he would be discovered by the other 3 amigos at that time of the day in a decent sized city: Remember, there are no cell phones. ZERO! So Dopey found a theater and spent 4 hours watching movies. Upon exiting, he assessed the situation and determined that he needed a vehicle. With money in his pocket, but no credit cards, and under 25, rental cars were taboo, but what the hell, let’s try it. Calling a cab to drop him off at the airport, Dopey headed inside to scope it out. At 5PM, this airport was shutting down. The wheels of acquisition were spinning rapidly.

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