The dastardly Dopey walked up to the unoccupied Rental Car counter and scanned the area. In front of him was a drop box for late arrivals to return their keys and contracts after hours. It had an envelope laying at the bottom. Seeing a coat rack nearby, Dopey snatched a hanger and untwisted it. Reaching down into the box, 1 snag with the hook end, and the envelope was lifted out. Going out in the parking lot and opening the contract, he read the description of a 1975 Ford Torino with Wisconsin plates. With the keys included, Dopey opened the door, started the car, and out the lot he went. It had a full tank of gas with 1,000 miles on it and it now it belonged to Dopey. Heading downtown to cruise the avenue, it wasn’t but 15 minutes and at a red light, the Dwarf Caddy pulled alongside the sporty car. The Wop who was a car nut eyed up the car and then the driver. With his window rolling down, he hollered, “hey Dopey, where did you get the car?” Dopey replied, “I borrowed it.” All 3 Dwarfs responded, “fuck you, you stole it. Get rid of it and jump in the Caddy.” Dopey replied, “I can’t, it’s got a full tank of gas.” Pole-lock didn’t like riding rug rat in the backseat, so he decided to join Dopey in the front seat and off they went. Stopping at a bunch of bars and convincing 2 chicks to ride around in a new car, the 4 of them headed up to Grandad Bluff at midnight. A guy can sense when he’s gonna get lucky and both of them knew that tonight was NOT the night, sooo, let’s have a little fun. Dopey cranked the wheel and hit the gas as those new tires spun that steed into 6 consecutive donuts and then another 6 in the opposite direction to unwind. There were 2 laughing idiots and 2 girls who weren’t amused. “Take us home!” they shouted, so Dopey came down the hill and stopped at the railroad tracks. He looked left, and then right, and then turned left on the tracks. A wild, bumpy ride ensued for a mile before another intersection occurred. The women went nuts.

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