Getting back to the industrial town the Dwarfs grew up in, it was time to go to a nearby watering hole and sip some of its magical potions whilst reminiscing of the latest weekend of juvenile, delinquent behavior. As the laughter subsided, a cloud of apprehension gathered overhead as all the Dwarfs knew that it was back to work on Monday. Without any fanfare, the group split up and went their separate ways. The bar’s parking lot contained 3 vehicles that were parked there since Friday, as everyone had taken their own cars and met there. The owner didn’t mind as a parking lot with cars attracts customers.  Bonehead left in his car, Pole-lock entered his, and Wop drove away in the Caddy. That left Dopey with 2 vehicles and 1 driver. Looking at the nearly depleted gas gauge, Dopey thought, “better not” and drove his beater home. After work on Monday, he needed to get that “hot car” out of the bar’s parking lot and away from the city. He called Choirboy, who wasn’t busy, and asked for a ride. Without any questions, they met at the bar lot at 7:00 PM in the dark. Dopey had already extracted the new spare tire from the Torino and stuck it in the trunk of his beater. “Might come in handy someday,” he thought. With a command of: follow me, the Choirboy in his beater and Dopey in the Torino slid out of the city westbound and was now headed to a small town, 30 miles out. Reviewing the Rental Contract that Dopey had pried out of the drop box 3 days ago, and had stuck in the glove box, he found a side street and parked the Torino. Jumping into Choirboy’s car and heading back to the city, Dopey played out this scenario in his mind. Here is an innocent individual who dropped off a rental car at an airport days ago. He then went home. Now, the police are questioning why the dirty Torino, missing the spare tire, full of empty beer cans, and sporting an empty gas tank was found within blocks of his residence. HMM? Sounds like a coming attraction of the movie: CHRISTINE.

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