The human population is one of the few species that elected to specialize for the good of the group. Ants, bees, and other lower forms have individual members that are delegated unique skills into their groups, whether it be soldiers or workers. Humans have evolved to a more complex level, but the end result is the same: keep the species going. As age sets in and members are less productive, certain groups shed these deadbeats in different ways. Some are killed, others are cast off, and a few are eaten. Nature has a game plan that is cruel but effective; she’s been to this rodeo before. Humans are a compassionate lot as long as there is money attached to it. Nursing homes assisted living, and geriatric care are provided for a handsome fee if this is how an individual wishes to exit the planet but provides little gain for all the members involved. Yes, they provide jobs, and their feces are recycled, but through a very expensive process known as a sewer treatment plant. In order to save money and create surplus funds that could be used to educate young students into scientists that might someday find the cure for cancer, other methods should be employed. Bypass all that expensive, buried piping that will only last a century before corrosion claims the system. Instead, bedridden and non-productive citizens need to step up to the bed pan and take responsibility. Compassion dictates that they be fed; in doing so the human/bacteria contract is in full force and that individual is manufacturing shit: a marketable product that can be turned into fertilizers. Here is where the savings part comes into play. Instead of crapping into diapers and spending the money to separate the paper elements from the shit, have the people wear pantyhose and utilize this unique invention to create fertilizers directly. As the shit is ejected into the pantyhose, it will act just like a Play Doh Factory and extrude little shit worms that will eventually turn into fertilizers. 

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