Unfortunately for life, nature has selected death to create its continuing existence. All lifeforms require energy to be viable and then procreate new copies. At the bottom of the food chain are bacteria. Simple little cells that float around and look for a host to feed on. A long time ago, certain multicellular creatures were tired of going to war with the bacterium and entered into negotiations with the little destructive pests, who are just like most people: they live to eat. Over centuries of fine-tuning contracts, the organized multicellulars built shelters for these bacterium in order to protect them from the environment and give them a factory to do their work in. Humans called this factory: a digestive tract. The operation was simple: chew up other life forms with teeth and send it into the factory containing the workers that take these packets of food and break it down chemically. This then becomes the chemical energy that is distributed throughout the entire body by multiple conveyor systems. The waste product is ejected, but this substance contains elements that other types of life require for their energy source. As they ripen, it then becomes feed stock. This cycle keeps the whole operation in balance; however, over time, a problem arose. Humans who discharged feces became repulsed by its shape, texture, and odor. They called it shit, and anything that had to do with shit was disgusting. Somewhere in human evolution, a natural product was shunned and vilified because society said so. Good mothers and fathers change their babies’ diapers without a complaint because they subconsciously understand the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and mammals. Baby is growing and healthy because shit is good. Now, shit is abhorrent and created a billion-dollar industry to flush this crap away via plumbing. Whatever! If people only knew that their shit is being changed into fertilizers to grow food, they wouldn’t be wearing that big, bad, shit-eating grin. 

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