The 2-wheeled chariot gang share interests in transportation and adventures. When a warm weekend motorcycle rally clientele ended up in a US mid-western bar at midnight, total strangers from North America crossed paths. Among the local biker clan was a science aficionado named Calvin Bunsen who rode fast and earned the Biker name: Bunsen Burner, or BB, for short. Overhearing a story put forth by a Canadian biker, Calvin listened with great intensity as the Kanook told of a Canadian Rocket Launching Facility near Churchill, Manitoba. As this scenario was taking place in the early 1980’s, the Internet was just a zygote in some nerd’s head that lacked the development to come to fruition; BB would have to go to the library to find out more. But young, biker males that were full of desires to be “cool” never made it there much because his mandatory schooling had ended. Fast forward 20 years and that information was never dismissed from BB’s brain. Now, with the financial means to travel, Mr. Bunsen walked into a travel agency and walked out with an itinerary that included a round trip train ride to go and see that northern Manitoba launching pad. With an early August departure, BB took off in his trusty pickup truck to catch his train in Winnipeg. Being in this city on a couple of trips to see the great sites of Canada, Calvin elected to drive to the International Peace Garden that lies on both sides of the border. Situated on the North Dakota/ Manitoba dividing line, you can drive in from either country without a passport. However, if you exit into the other destination, be prepared to get interrogated to the hilt. In the post 9-11 timeframe, all tourists are considered terrorists until proven innocent. That is the current mindset and will continue until the USA destroys itself with greedy gusto, and Canada finally takes it over. The park was well worth the stop as the gardens, sculptors, and memorials are first rate, but the exits can be intrusive.  

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