The human race has finally solved its biggest dilemma, preventing old age from setting in and dragging an individual down with physical and mental decay. This does not stop dying altogether as accidents, infections, organ failures, cancer, and war still permeate the human world. What disappeared was the viral attack on cell replication that tore apart the strands of healthy life and, left in its wake, eroding elderly that sometimes took decades to die. Economies suffered tremendously from these parasitic people who could no longer make tangible goods or services but, instead, became burdens on the human race. Once the viral connection came to light, along with its method of spreading the malady by breathing towards healthy victims, distance restrictions were employed and old age subsided. Compassion has been outlawed and cold humans now roam the earth with their animal instincts sharpened. When an old man is spotted on the streets of cities, educated people now take their batons  and push the diseased unfortunates away from the sidewalks and off into the foliage where they belong. If resistance is met, humans are trained to wack the victim’s heads with arms extended and avoid hitting the torso where they may inadvertently compress the lungs to discharge to distances exceeding 3′. Killing old people outright is still illegal, but lawyers are on the scene to incorporate a Constitutional Amendment to rectify this. If this seems cruel, 1 only needs to see the suffering old people endure and realize that they could condemn a young person to the same fate because of their failure to take precautions. Masks have been found to be ineffective because this virus was 1 of the first to be constructed by nature and is only 2 nanometers in diameter. Only a rubber membrane 1″ thick could effectively stop it, but that would suffocate its wearer. The baton solution is actually a more empathetic treatment of the elderly than what exists today as geriatric care.

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