Airot Hoofman was a resourceful and organized woman of Arian origin and American design. Raised in the States by a frugal couple that could wring out 5 meals for a dollar in the late 80’s, she grew up fast and fastidious in the semi-isolated world of rural America. Airot ran the roost in her childhood settings as she sought perfection as to where the frogs were to hang and what the raccoons would be allowed to eat within the confines of her 5-acre universe. Airot’s childhood was her college of knowledge and she graduated into a world of undisciplined humans that would need her guidance. With her 20’s occupied by experimentation with alcohol, she came up with the right balance to ensure happy socialization without the ugliness of violence that those bottles could pour. As her egg alarms were going off, Airot chose a mate and brought 2 of her ovum into fruition for her council. As the 2 neared the age of mandatory, government education, she chose to juggle a career and motherhood to guarantee that the children will not be denied material comfort. Leaving her children at the bus stop with adult supervision, Airot felt a bit apprehensive about their safety and decided to rectify this situation. She modified a high visibility construction vest for her daughter to wear at the bus stop and at school. It wasn’t long before other mothers contacted her about fitting their own children with her safety vests. Soon, she had so many orders, she decided to quit her career and distribute these child safety vests through the internet. Utilizing reflective aluminized stipes, bright orange and yellow colors, and a host of patterns, the HI-VIZ KIDS brand was trademarked, and the organization reached Mach 20 speeds in growth. With many unique designs, you would be hard pressed to find the same exact pattern on any 2 kids in 1 large city. Swimming suits followed, and drownings disappeared. This is another American rags-to-riches story with nothing but a happy face ending. 😊

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