On a blue ball with normal human chatter, a few Homo Sapiens are blessed with unique laughs that soar above the rest. At comedy shows, there is always the blurted-out laughter that all audiences are familiar with, and then there is that lone, individual, cackle laugh whose landlord is always a woman. This unique formation of rapid, machine-gunned air thrown across those high-pitched vocal chords always gets the attention of the rest of the spectators. Having a hahahaha tempo that flips to a tehehehe timbre and back again produces a laughter that gets everyone to stop laughing at the joke and start chuckling at the chortle. This single laugh then becomes the focal point of interest. Recently, a man of no significance got to know 2 different ladies who possessed this Tommy gun laugh. One, he had met 20 years earlier, and the other, through a business as a car service manager at a dealership. Although from 2 generations and 2 different States, fate had created a scenario where they were only miles apart. Now, all he had to do was to get these lovely hyenas next to each other and turn on their tickle switches. After multiple attempts, a situation presented itself where Mr. Conductor brought the 2 Sirens together. With little time to spare, the gods of destiny rose to the occasion. As he introduced the 2 women, the working 1 broke into her jackhammer laughter. Seconds later, the older 1 sputtered her rapid repertoire of rambling roaring and soon, she was 2 milliseconds behind the first. This came off sound-wise as a 1960’s style reverb or echo chamber. The second one’s laughter egged on her competition some more and soon the room was soaked with happy mammal chatter. The conductor of this concerto was so emotional that he had to leave the room before his loss of bladder control. The other guests enjoyed a duet of joyous Aria compilation. The viral laughter filled the service bay until the performance ended and humanity returned to its normal mundane existence.  

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