Born unto this world through no fault of their own, the female came equipped with a unique docking port and two emergency wharfs to be used in times of passionate and emotional male acquisitions. Using these 3 (un)loading docks, women become the Harbor Masters (HM) and exercise this authority to acquire the goods and services which they have grown accustomed to. At times, especially in youth, the harbor is awash with many sailors looking to drop off their all-important cargo, only to sail away towards another she-port in search of a more favorable and accommodating Harbor Master. It is this dilemma that sends this confused and stressed HM into an emotional melt down. They, then, require a time out to regain stability and eventually return to active duty. At the entrance to these desirable harbors are bridges that allow the monotony of everyday chores and responsibilities to flow across the marina openings but denies ship and submarine access to the docking ports. The little room that sits on 1 side of the lift bridge is known as a “she shed” and houses the ruling queen of the harbor. Complaining, randy, and retarded sailors are not allowed, nor welcomed in this fortress of solitude. It exists solely for the comfort and relaxation of the Bridge Tender and her personal whims. When feeling a bit more sociable, she can go to the controls and open that gateway to the pleasures of the protected harbor. Many ships have sailed towards that gorge and waited for the bridge leafs to lift, giving them access to the comforts within. Sometimes, the sailors have observed her completely ignoring their horn blasts requesting access. The Bridge Tender’s life is difficult enough, being loaded with mental and biological episodes; what they don’t need are immature, selfish sailors. With patience and understanding, the HM may, in time, open the drawbridge.  However, if perturbed enough, the She Shed Tender will close that warm and fuzzy harbor entrance forever to the love pirates of life. 

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