The supermarkets of the world have the sordid job of getting fruits and vegetables to the consumer while only making pennies for their efforts. If the product spoils on the shelves, the losses are unrecoverable, so great effort is made to cosmetically dress up these flora foods and display them as works of art. Time is of the effervescence or else the white mold will overtake the produce and produce a fungal mess that will scoot potential customers right out of the stores. Washing, rewashing, and 6000°K LED lighting will then be incorporated to enhance the product’s appearance. Reflective surfaces do wonders for increasing desirability for fruits. That is why the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco is well lit. Now, when choosing fruits and vegetables, touch is extremely important in making sure that a cucumber is ripe or that green, bumpy, sausage shaped vegetable may be too soft for the multiple trips up and down the satisfaction shaft. Color is also important in bananas because it comes in 3 colors: green, yellow, and black. The green ones being the hardest are also the toughest to get down your throat. The yellow ones have some flexibility and are sweet, while the mushy black ones are just plain disgusting and should be thrown out immediately before the fruit flies hatch. Now the toughest one to gauge are the melons. These round or oblong fruits come in a multitude of sizes and colors and are sweet and juicy; however, one does not know what really lies inside these display cases. It this fruit crazy? Is this melon evil? Or is it a very nice, stable, good-performing entity that 1 would enjoy eating? Only by incorporating the use of another fruit do you go through a process to ascertain the quality of this tempting melon fruit. Be forewarned, however, that the results can be skewed, altered, enhanced, changed, obscured, twisted, amended, transformed, converted, or in summary, completely and intentionally falsified. The other fruit mentioned is the DATE. 

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