To hell with interplanetary travel; earth is the best place to live in the solar system because prior life took the time to figure it out and they morphed into us. Moving to Mars, a Jupiter moon, or visiting a summer condo during the Venetian winter is just too expensive. Between spaceship ticket costs that hinge on astronomical fuel prices and transporting breathing gases that leak out of tanks and cause massive panic, this planet is just fine. Those interstellar dream homes with crappy plumbing are just: a sewer pipe dream. As scientists and engineers solve all the logistic problems of getting humans to another planet, it’s still all about money. Nonprofit…… nonsense. Let the religions of the world transport their own parishioners closer to their deities. Just allow science to go about its normal business of making up theoretical garbage about invisible shit and constructing better weapon delivery systems. The computer was only invented so that NO credit card transactions were ever lost and all bombs got within 5′ of their targets. Improvements in health and education appeared in some politician’s platform only to acquire votes from uninformed citizens who cannot see the man behind the curtain. He harbors a hot air balloon in the warehouse, ready for a quick getaway to a foreign land called KANSAS. This scoundrel’s second home is not on some icy cold and barren rock that takes all your energy to stay alive, but rather, it is in a civil, pleasant location on earth which does not allow extradition to a whiney country that got financially taken. So, we must promote Kansas as the: Hide Out State. Centrally located, every white-collar criminal in the lower 48 can easily drive there within 48 hours and be free from prosecution. Clever crooks will scuttle their retarded thoughts of hiding out on Mars to get away from possible incarceration or severe financial drain from a bad marriage and head for Kansas. Second homes are all about escaping your past sins. 

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