In time, all careers disappear unless a strong union or high profits keep the antiquated profession off the chopping block. Ice tong men, Crusaders, and honest politicians have all gone into the wayside and died there. Pilots, truck drivers, and heavy equipment operators are nearing the end of their occupations as technology improves autonomy and humans will no longer be involved in moving vehicles and machinery. Butchers, livestock farmers, and crab fishermen will soon be unemployed as genetic engineering will eliminate the need for these people. Robots will creep into every industry to replace the human body that only had to do repetitive, mindless chores. Dog Walkers fell into this category decades ago as the advancements in their industry, such as bars and sound effects, soon turned this job in to a God forsaken display of debauchery. Drunken DWs stumbling around and defecating pretty much destroyed this specialized group. If enough alcohol was present, DW rapes and dog dicking started to surface. This lack of civility caused religious members to get these barbarians out of the loop and be replaced with Dog Walking Robots. The economical upfront cost and minimal maintenance fees avoided having Dog Lovers watch their precious pet get sodomized by a hired, inebriated human in their front yards. Gone are all that childish farting noises, grunts, pornographic language, and discarded, clear, plastic bags among the dog crap laying on the lawn. Humans only careers in the future are in the field of prostitution as robots had a difficult time being sexy. These workers were only there to replenish the decaying stock of Homo Sapiens. Professional institutions, like doctors and engineers, were eventually replaced with computers which did not make mistakes that killed. The only problem that arose out of the advancement of Artificial Intelligence was what to do with all those unemployed humans. The solution was sound: blood made an excellent, organic robot lubricant. 

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