A subject that is taboo in most human societies is the final rejection process of the meat and potato gas stations. There are 2 categories of creatures that derive energy from different sources: one is autotrophs that acquire its energy from photons or elemental chemicals; the other is heterotrophs that acquire its energy from complex organic compounds. All animal life is heterotrophic and comes in 3 flavors: herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. All humans are omnivores, which means they consume both meat and vegetables (plant life). Even vegans who avoid all animal meat and products, such as eggs and milk, are still omnivores. Little do they know that the Department of Agriculture has set standards for the maximum number of fly larvae found in an ounce of tomatoes juice. Somewhere in their diet, they are eating baby critters. Regardless of the meal, the human body’s digestive track can only process so much chemical energy out of food and the rest becomes waste that needs to be discharged. This is the MAIN purpose of the anus. As the food is sent down the human garbage disposal, the nutrients are removed from the muscular moved bulk and discharged as waste, known as feces. The industries that support this process are vast, but no one pays much attention to their crafts. Plumbers, sewage treatment contractors, proctologists, digestive pharmaceuticals, and even the toilet and toilet paper industries are all involved. Most people never look at the (w)hole system but thanks to mathematics and government spending on science, statistics are available. The AVERAGE stool size is 14 ounces, and the AVERAGE human bowel movement is once a day. Multiplying this by 365.25 days/year and a life expectancy of 76 years for a man, 24,320 lbs. of crap exit his body in a lifetime. Women who live to 81, push out 25,920 lbs. With these statistics, who is really more full of shit during their lifetimes? The numbers speak for themselves, and science again has enlightened (a bad pun) us all. 

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