The Mother of all inventors is none other than Mother Nature herself. This lady learns by trial and error, and after billions of years and millions of scrapped projects, she knows what does and doesn’t work. The bitch carries a magician’s worth of tricks in creating brand new or replacement life that restocks species that died of their own ignorance. The mammal branch on the tree of life has been fine tuning itself for many millenniums, trying to perfect this faulty model. This is especially true of the hair-challenged, Homo Sapien version that calls itself “clever”. Much of their adult life is all about reproduction: whether it be themselves or their currency. Both are important in today’s culture. When you have loads of currency but no genetic attributes, you can still buy your way into the baby highway. Mammals replicate by means of the doggy style because of their 4-legged designs. In human mode, female farts are sent off to dissipate in men’s pubic hair or belly buttons. Once man stood upright, he now had the ability to procreate missionary style. The advantage of this technique is that during sex, the partners can get their mouths cleaned out by the other person’s tongue. This is known as “French kissing”. It was a monumental advancement in human engineering. Or was it? It seems the missionaries did not think that 1 through as the physical parameters now come to light. While on top, humping away on the female’s vagina, someone neglected to see that all that weight and motion pushing down on a female body would cause their anus to push out compressed methane. This 98.6°F gas is now aimed directly at the male scrotum. The scrotum is mounted outside the man’s body for 1 purpose: to keep the sperm cool. Now we have a situation where hot gases are ejected directly at the DNA factory sack. Not smart. This degrades the manufacture of sperm and will produce substandard humans known as dumb fucks. We are regressing rapidly. This article is substantial proof.

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