The lucky Oh-No (Homo) Sapiens have the advantage of possessing 2 independent immune orders, twice as many as most life forms. They are known as the micro and macro immune systems. The micro version is the 1 that everyone is more familiar with and helps us to survive with our day-to-day existence in a dirty world. This miniature organization fights and destroys bacterial, fungal, mold, and viral invaders. The discreet system is internal and self-regulating, so that no conscious effort is needed to engage it. It responds automatically. As invaders overwhelm the normal cellular workings and causes malfunctions, chemical signals kickstart this tiny protein army. Their massive infantry is created in the bone marrow and matures in the thymus. The soldiers are known as thymocytes (T-cells) and ride the bloodstreams to do battle with the ruinous nasties. With time and a strong, internal infantry, the invaders are destroyed and the country of: YOU is saved to fight future battles until your country eventually terminates. The macro immune world is similar, larger in size, but much smaller in the total number of soldiers. When an invader trespasses into another’s domain, the bigger Terrorist-cells, known as “T-cells”, jump into action and attempt to eradicate the threat. They use guerrilla tactics and diverse weapons to quell the hostile takeover of an entire country and will fight to the death. T-cells are embedded in the populations and are constantly on the lookout for other foreign lifeforms that will try and take over their homelands. Retaliation is their game plan, and these T-cell groups make it obvious that they are in for the long haul. They will cause death and distraught to all foreign enemies, even if it means traveling to the invader’s homeland. Select groups of well-trained terrorists can cause massive mayhem at home and will get the occupier to rethink his mission. Micro or macro, big or small, the T-cells step up to the plate and take care of it all. 

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