The underground arteries and veins of a tree that takes on a dendritic pattern are known as “the roots.” They terminate at the trunk that raises vertically and offers connection points to all the branches supporting the leaves or needles. The roots are the scaffold of where life grows from and gives it a structure on which to seek the sun and its energy waves, known as “photons.” Like the Tree of Life, the above-ground portion features all forms of life on 3 main trunks coming off the vertical column. They include the domains of: Archana, Bacteria, and the Eukaryotes, which is ALL of the multicellular life forms found on earth, both above and below the water. Seven more divisions classify each creature until they compose the crown of the tree on tiny branches. This organization is known as “taxonomy.” In nature, there exists symmetry, and what is lacking in the taxonomy of the universe is a complete, unifying theory of everything, both big and small. This is because there is no mention of the root system that completes that explanation. So here it is: as a nut shall attempt to describe it. The root ball contains all the missing information that physicists or theologians envisioned but could not prove. It consists of all conceived Gods, dark matter and energy, and the Mad Hatter that runs around and lubricates the entire universe with a magic energy that keeps everything humming in harmony. “Where are these root balls?”, one might ask, as telescopes of all designs have been looking for centuries. It’s quite obvious. They are underground, where they are invisible to the humans who seek them. “How do I observe them?”, scientists ask. Simple! The division between the Tree of the Observable Universe and the root ball of the Rest of the Universe can be accessed just like Alice in Wonderland. Just jump down the rabbit hole. In this case, the holes are the dividing plane between the Tree and their Roots. They are called Black Holes and are loaded with unimaginable mass. 

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