When driving to a foreign city or even the little sleepy burg just down the road, one can usually find an institution of higher learning encased within the community. The data distributed about these Castles of Comprehension vary widely on those doing the study. Numbers can range from 1200 to over 5000 institutions in the United States alone. Some are privately financed by religions, political beliefs, or benefactors, while others are public and utilize tax money, in addition to tuitions and donations from former alumni. Reviewing these colleges and universities, statistics are published listing: tuition costs, ranking, programs, and the number of males and females enrolled. When scrolling through current information, 1 can’t help but notice that the male and female percentages don’t add up to 100. This discrepancy can only be attributed to the liberal view of how gender is now seen. As some students have or are transitioning towards a sex change transformation, this 1 percentage point or more may be the discrepancy. This can change the overall ranking of the institution because building additional bathrooms to house these “crotch chameleons” will increase tuition costs and burden an average student with more expensive student loans. The plus side to this is that if athletic male students participating in school sports decides to ” jump ship” during his 4-year education, the college bylaws dictate that he now must play on the girl’s team. With more existing muscle mass and less body fat, physics and biomechanical laws will favor a much better athlete when he becomes a woman. This can create women’s sports teams that are undefeatable in the collegiate divisions they are in. With greater rankings comes more applications as humans strive for being on a winning team and will pay more for such a goal. Having an admission’s building chock full of trophies, the Adam Apple Woman’s Swim Team can now overwhelm Michael Phelps’ impressive win statistics. 

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