All countries with valuable resources have standing Armies to guard their resources first and foremost, and second: to protect its citizens. Collateral damage is unavoidably built-in to this system. As an invader seeks out the booty that they covet, a resistance force that has been organized previously, wait patiently in remote locations. In this mode, their numbers are few, but many more units can be called up from other locations to suppress any uprising or attack. In the United States, an organization known as the National Guard has units throughout the country, composed of military soldiers that will respond to an external or internal conflict. If a domestic situation arises that the local police force cannot quell, then, by decree of a prominent figure like a mayor or governor, this military force is called in to prevent destruction by members hell bent on an uprising. They are rioting over an emotional response to some sort of wrong, and military precision(?) is now required. The same situation takes place in a microscopic world known as, you. Your immune system lies dormant within your body, awaiting orders to attack invaders who are after your resources, (your tissues) as an energy source or a place to reproduce, (your cells). This army stands vigilant until some mold, fungus, bacteria, or virus wants to conquer your ass. It then goes on the offensive. Battles are fought and invaders are devastated. Your country is mostly spared with heavy collateral damage occurring due to the intensity of the battle. Rebuilding then takes place. In the situation of an internal conflict, the army must confront their own homeland and they start killing their cells through the confusion of chemical warfare. This is known as an autoimmune disease, and the stupid army attacks its own members just like the Kent State Massacre. This inability to judge friend from foe is the reason that the Human Army will eventually kill its own planet and die in a wasteland of destruction.

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