Nearly every human has had an experience with Deja vu, which is French for: already seen. This is a feeling that one has been in this situation or location before and recognizes the events that are currently unfolding. This strange phenomenon has been theorized to take place in 3 ways. 1): Inattentiveness during a previous encounter. A person entered into a big valley or a small room earlier in their life, but their brains were preoccupied with other thoughts at the time and did not pay attention to the details. However, the frontal lobe, where memories are stored, did record the moment and this second visit retrieved those recollections. 2): Medical aberrations. An electrical defect in the frontal lobe may create epilepsy, aphasia, or amnesia that can create feelings of Deja vu but are merely false Deja vu memories that arise out of this dysfunctional condition. 3): Carnivore diet. In the spectrum of life, 63% are carnivores, 3% omnivores and 32% herbivores. That means that 98% of all life will consume another form of life in its mission to exist. Even herbivores that strictly eat plants, will at times consume some life form hidden in the plant’s foliage. This consumption is key to Deja vu as all life forms have some sort of central nervous system that is key to survival. Memories, both learned and inborn, are there to protect all creatures and these memories are composed of organic compounds, just like 0’s and 1’s store data in computers. When creatures are eaten, the memories in their brains get installed in the other’s bloodstream and make it to their memory storage bank. This Deja vu feeling is nothing more than the memory of a pig who saw this big valley before you did and gave you that premonition that you were there before. The human food that transmits the best Deja vu memories are hot dogs in that anything with food value, including animal brains, gets loaded into that package. Jeffrey Dahmer would have had the most fantastic Deja vu experiences EVER! 

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