A mathematical concept of a specialized branch, known as Chaos, states: tiny and nearly imperceptible variations in a contained experiment can have an exponential effect on the outcome. The classic example is, in theory, one set of butterfly wings flapping in the atmosphere can create a compounding influence that will create high winds somewhere on this planet. Although impossible for that tiny amount of energy to create such a maelstrom, its mere occurrence can influence the intensity and location of an event. So, in essence, that little Monarch butterfly in your back yard may be responsible for a future catastrophic episode that may show up as a class 2 tornado that will cause property damage to your home and automobile and raise your insurance premiums. The cure is to remove all milkweed plants anywhere near your house because Monarch butterflies’ entire life revolves around this weed. The Monarchs start out as an egg that hatches into a caterpillar that feeds on the milkweed stalks. 7-17 days later, it spins a cocoon, and 8-12 days later, it emerges as a butterfly which gets its nourishment by sucking out the liquid contained within the milkweed. It now spends 2-3 weeks of its short life mating with any Monarch of the opposite sex. Soon after, the female lays the fertilized eggs on the underside of the milkweed’s leaves and the life cycle is repeated in another location. If your life is slowly being consumed by your annoying spouse and bratty kids, merely plant as much milkweed as you can. That way, when that class 5 tornado shows up because of all their combined flapping wings, you can crawl into your heavily reinforced and weighted concrete crypt just outside and wait. The rest of your disgusting family and all their personal belongings will be transported to the Land of Oz via the Butterfly Effect tornado. Their irritating and infuriating behaviors will become the problem of the Wizard and his band of Munchkins who will suffer them ungladly. 

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