The human body is a test tube of organic chemicals that fizzle in its skin encased containment vessel. The gray blob on top, underneath the boney jar, known as a skull, is sort of the conductor in the symphony of behavior. Although the show has a theme, the individual musicians (brain cells) are free to hammer out non-conforming concertos within the symphony. These band members construct chords out of serotonin (a brain born protein that conducts neural transmissions throughout the body) and can greatly affect mood, including the fight or flight directive, when the creature perceives threat. In males, this gets supercharged with another organic elixir known as testosterone. Together, dangerous concoctions can flow throughout the body, triggering all kinds of subassemblies like senses to heighten and adrenaline to squirt its strength sauce for muscles to tighten. The brain is thus forced into a quick decision to either tolerate or annihilate those responsible for this situation. The percussion section emits bass drum sounds of the heart pushed into overdrive. Meanwhile, the cymbals of rage clack out rapid muscle contractions attached to swinging fists and kicking feet, as all body parts soon become weapons. This deadly symphony needs to halt quickly, or the show will end with bloody bodies strewn throughout the battlefield. This is the music of successful armies and gangland thugs as these groups ring out their tunes of destruction orchestrated by leaders who seek status hoisted up on a pile of dead humans. They are not the only participants in this opera of violence as the majority of felonious criminals in jail are but members that orchestrated duets. These 2 member bands start their tunes with wedding music as they walk the aisle of happiness, but over time, verbal abuse, suspicion, and mental imprisonment, the duet unleashes the percussion section, and the pair are divorced by the contract ending vows that were proclaimed decades ago: TILL DEATH DO YOU PART. 

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