Prancing around the flower shops is a collection of males who are not influenced by the female pheromones emanating from her baby bag (uterus). Through no fault of their own, chemical receptors in their noses don’t respond to this feminine aroma and prefer the company and flesh of their own kind. They still possess the natural drive to discharge the man sauce buried in their balls, but only according to their rules. Not having the 3-hole option that women utilize, this group is content to hump a hinder that has external appendages hanging down. Their propensity to get colon cancer is slightly less, because “weeds” (polyps) don’t grow where the pipe rolls. Their cleanliness is legendary, and they make excellent chefs because of their fussiness in the freshness of their ingredients. They are astute at color selection and can recognize 50 shades of chartreuse, so interior decorating cums natural to them. Lacking the ability to have children doesn’t seem to bother them as those annoying little brats are just going to mess up the hand towel arrangements in the bathrooms. The “pillow biter’s” best friends in the whole wide world are women because they are the only ones who understand pastels and pillow arrangements of a King George Canopy Bed. The difference between Gay Men and Women is their understanding of the laws of physics. Women can get their husbands to climb up a 40′ ladder to hang Christmas lights on a 3-story tall house. Gay Men know enough about Newtonian physics and gravity’s acceleration forces acting upon a falling object. They fear how it will severely damage a perfectly formed man body, so they refuse to perform such preposterously, dangerous stunts as their residence lacks any decorations that exceed 8′ in elevation. Living in darkness and constant rejection are experiences that they are well accustomed to. You have to remember that Gay Men grew up in a closed closet and only recently were the back doors of discovery cautiously pushed open. 

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