Of the 1/2 total of all human beings encumbering Planet Earth, the female sector is the group that was selected to deposit more human minutiae all over our wonderful world. They are equipped with 2 breasts to feed the future Groin Goblins and an entrance and exit port, known as a vagina, that allows insemination and birthing of these Crotch Critters. Females possess internal chemicals that influence their behaviors to assist in becoming pregnant during their 30 or so years of fertility. The hormonal actions agitating a creature that is plumbed for replication creates a slew of responses for mate selection that defies analysis. All science knows is that of the nearly 400 eggs that present themselves for fertilization, only 1/100th of them have any chance in hell of becoming a Planet Punisher (human). Nature knows best. Another factor which raises its influence in mate selection is the culture the woman is raised in. The vast majority of these dogmas focus on the institution of marriage before the kiddie canal starts delivering goods. With all these parameters, it makes it very difficult to be a female in the modern world where career and kids collide. Inexperienced youth swim in ignorance, as the majority of males bobbing around in the gene pool are idiots lacking any fathering skills. They are but penis paraders in a demolition derby. The more educated women of today face the prospect of reaching into this pool of pond scum and retrieving their knight in shining armor. They would have better luck catching a ride on a unicorn to Shangri-la. This prospect forces ladies to go gay and spend their time with a breed of humans they better understand. The taboos of society frown on this behavior because it does not replace the retards lost to ignorance like wars and other testosterone competitions. However, this is easily remedied with rent-a-rugrat (adoption agencies) and artificial insemination. With 2 mothers attending, that child has a better chance at success. 

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