The deepest parts of Lake Michigan/Huron are within the northern Arc, which is consistent with a low angle impact. The impactor’s crater is not of a spherical shape but rather of an elliptical shape due to this angle. Steam explosions are escaping in the path of least resistance and amplify non-spherical “wounds.” Eons of erosion from weather created by the massive crater was responsible for many rivers draining into this bowl and was later enlarged by moving glaciers in all directions. Those ice rivers created Green Bay, Big Bay De Noc, Saginaw Bay, and other geological markers in this region. It would explain the multiple arms of The Great Slave and Bear Lakes. Scouring glaciers can move in any direction as long as there is an elevation decline. Lacking “discovered” shocked quartz and gravitational anomalies does not guarantee a lack of a hypervelocity impact. With time and glacier transport of telltale indicators, along with gradual energy dissipation, the smoking gun may be absent. The perfect murder weapon is a frozen icicle that penetrates a human heart and then melts away into common water. It erases the fingerprints and the weapon itself into a background “noise.” A further look at the Nastapoka Arc in southeastern Hudson Bay that has all the evidence of an impact site but lacks shocked quartz, has been voted: a non-hit, in the scientific community. This huge body of water creates weather that is responsible for dragging the boreal forest all the way down to the 45th parallel in northern Wisconsin. Its range is normally between 50° N and 65° N. Further study of possible gas/gas impact sites are warranted so as to accumulate more data on this little studied phenomenon. There were 828 underground nuclear tests performed at the Nevada Test Site to extract data on these weapons. Perhaps live field tests could be executed in this protected zone to add to the data banks of a little understood phenomenon that will someday occur in the planet’s future. 

The current depths of Lake Michigan/Huron showing the deeper northern ends of the Lake. With much river debris deposited into this basin eons ago, evidence shows the deepest impact penetration was on the northeast portion of the crater squeezed off by the rebound of the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan . 
Nastapoka Arc. This is a theorized meteorite impact structure in Hudson Bay that possesses telltale evidence such as a round shape and the Belcher Islands as a rebound cone. Lacking shocked quartz,  radial fissures and gravity anomalies, it has not been recognized as a certified impact crater. Perhaps a comet that traveled in the same direction of earth, thus lessening its collision velocity or landing on a thick ice sheet and flashing to steam was below the energy threshold to create those markers. 

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