Something of a high energy incident occurred millions of years ago without any human eyewitnesses. An impactor of massive proportions and an unknown composition made its way through the vastness of a then-smaller universe and collided with Planet Earth. At the instant of atmospheric penetration, the ride was swift as the impactor may have slammed into a shallow sea at the time of the collision. Or not. That is the mystery of all science. No one knows for sure. In the human brain, nearly 2 billion cells reside, of which half are neurons that create thought and logic through observing patterns. This species specialization half, separates the men from the monkeys. Incidents from earth’s past leaves some clues, while others have been removed through time and physical interactions such as chemistry and physics. Residual, common-sense evidence are the clues that lead to the truth. From time to time, new methodologies appear, and these lay a foundation for new accepted outcomes. This is science, but it is constantly mutating just like all life residing here. Human theories have evolved, but, over time, they have been rewritten. Our sciences have grown rapidly in the last 100 years and will continue to do so as new observations and evidence emerges. When the current theory of 5 Great Lakes came into favor by being bulldozed out of the earth by slow moving ice, questions will arise. When a different set of eyes looks at a problem, theories can change. Smoking guns will rust away or get transported to another rummage sale. There is enough circumstantial evidence in this Great Lakes Theory to rethink its current logic. With deep lakes lining up, glacier intervention and good, old-fashioned erosion modifying the evidence, a new examination is required. Just look at the moon. This planet has been plastered with impactors during its 4.5-billion-year reign. To date, just under 200 have been identified. The mysteries of our planet need further investigation to corral the truth. 

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